About Us

Pen maker sanding a pen
Giants' Pens consists of Joep and Teun Prinsen, two brothers who have turned their hobby into a business: making pens.

Teun started collecting pens years ago, with an ever-growing collection of pens made by himself, other makers or larger companies. During three years of working at a pen shop specialised in fountain pens next to his studies, he wanted to expand his knowledge of pens. 

Starting with the tuning of nibs and restoration of vintage fountain pens, he quickly found himself wanting more. Quickly, he found out that pens can be constructed relatively easily on a lathe. These kit-pens are often frowned upon by collectors due to their large weight and huge step-ups from the section to body. As such, more experienced pen makers will work with kitless constructions, where the entirety of the design can be left to the creator's vision. 

As a collector himself, Teun decided to dive in the deep end and immediately focused on kitless pens. His brother Joep, who had already amassed a small collection of pens himself,  started to create these pens as well and he became intrigued with the process. After making his first pen, it was decided they would continue perfecting their craft together. By trial and error, with many wasted pieces of material and many more hours in the workshop, the construction and finishing of our pens improved. 

With more of an interest in speed and consistency, Teun focusses mostly on the larger amounts of production, while Joep has much more of a technical view and will do anything to make more intricate and difficult designs work. 

This combination allows us to cover a wide range of construction possibilities while keeping our prices low and our quality high. Both of us are consistently looking for ways to improve our quality and increase the options we can offer our customers. Custom material, metal details, wooden pens, goldsmithing and different finishing options are just a few of these options.