Fountain Pen - Bock #6 - 13 mm - Yellow Tiffany Casein
Fountain Pen - Bock #6 - 13 mm - Yellow Tiffany Casein

Fountain Pen - Bock #6 - 13 mm - Yellow Tiffany Casein

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WARNING: Casein is a plastic derivative from milk solids, it is an amazing material with quite a bit of history, and lots of color and shine. It does have one big donwside though, it is very prone to swelling due to humidity differences and contact with water. if you do not know what this means in terms of risk and how to care for this material, please skip this pen! If you'd like some more information, please do get in touch! :WARNING

This handmade fountain pen is made from Yellow Tiffany Casein. It has an amazing shine and color palette. The threads are a triple start for quick capping and uncapping and the thread size is 13 mm, which is our regular sizing.

This model features a tapered barrel and cap with a small step up from both the section to the barrel and the barrel to the cap. The ends are flat as to create a flat top, they do have a slight bit of rounding to them though.

The nib sizes available for Bock #6 are as follows: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad. These are available in steel, gold plated steel, 14 kt gold, titanium and platinum. Please be aware that some options may have a waiting time before shipping. Do get in touch for more information. 

All our pens come in a nice box and with a Schmidt converter pre-installed. If you'd rather have us include cartridges, please do leave a comment. We can ship a box of either blue or black J. Herbin cartridges instead. 

On top of this, all of our nibs are tuned in-house. For special grinds or other adjustments, both Anabelle Hilller from Opus Cineris and Pablo from FPNibs can help us get the perfect nib for you.